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KING OF BOMBS is a chilling novel about nuclear terrorism plotted by Al-Qaeda, written by Sheldon Filger. Nuclear terrorism is the greatest threat to the United States since Al-Qaeda launched attacks on September 11, 2001. KING OF BOMBS presents a chilling scenario about nuclear terrorism.

Nuclear terrorism poses the greatest threat to human civilization. Surprisingly, the U.S. government does not focus on the threat of nuclear terrorism to the same degree of other national security issues. KING OF BOMBS is not only a terrifying novel about Al-Qaeda; Osama bin Laden and nuclear terrorism; it presents a chilling warning about the realistic danger of nuclear terrorism in an age of global nuclear proliferation. KING OF BOMBS reads from today's headlines, with a plot involving Iran's nuclear program.

North Korea and the international nuclear weapons black market converging with Al-Qaeda and its plan to detonate a massive nuclear warhead in a major American city. What are the odds that nuclear terrorism will occur in our lifetime? A leading expert on the threat of nuclear terrorism has stated that the odds that Al-Qaeda will initiate nuclear terrorism in the United States within the next five years are higher than fifty percent

KING OF BOMBS is not only a novel about nuclear terrorism; it is also a thriller with a warning about a nightmare that can actually happen, unless public opinion demands from political leadership that the horror of nuclear terrorism launched by Al-Qaeda with other followers of Osama bin Laden be recognized as the nation's greatest national security threat. Reading KING OF BOMBS will bring home the reality of today's dangerous world, and why nuclear terrorism as an imminent danger must not be ignored.

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