Sheldon Filger

The author of KING OF BOMBS, Sheldon Filger, was born in Montreal, Canada and immigrated to the United States in 1982. He worked for several years for the Anti-Defamation League, serving as regional director of the organization's Houston office and prior to that, headed the Omaha office. He represented the organization's concern regarding extremism and violence by racist groups, working closely with law enforcement agencies, the media and civic associations. The ADL has had a longstanding interest in the spread of terrorism throughout the world, and Mr. Filger organized training seminars and briefings for law enforcement officials in Texas to familiarize them with the global terrorist challenge. He also organized a conference, in conjunction with the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University, on the threat posed to corporate America by global terrorism. More than a decade before the events that occurred on 9/11, Filger was becoming immersed in the nature and virulence of international terrorism.

After moving to New York City, Mr. Filger worked as Vice President for Resource Development at the local United Way and subsequently as a development executive in higher education.

While working in his office in midtown Manhattan on September 11, 2001, Mr. Filger bore personal witness to the seismic trauma that fell upon New York City on that dark day, and forever changed our world. With thousands of his fellow New Yorkers dead barely two miles from his home, the Island of Manhattan sealed off and shrouded in smoke from the debris of the fallen twin towers, Filger experienced the horror of the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Within days, thousands of photographs with handwritten messages saturated the lamp posts and concrete walls of New York. They were the anguished pleas of relatives, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends, and especially of children, desperately seeking information, and any glimmer of hope, about their missing loved ones. Sheldon Filger, like many others in New York City at that terrible time, struggled to understand what had happened, why it happened and what it meant for the future. A hideous wound had been inflicted on the collective psyche of New York and America, however, Mr. Filger reflected on the other message that 9/11 delivered: forces in the world were determined to murder Americans in vast numbers, yet the government was not omnipotent in its ability to safeguard its citizens. Several weeks after 9/11, another event raised Filger's consciousness on an issue new to him, but directly linked to the ultimate goal of the perpetrators of 9/11.

A month after September 11, the local media reported rumors that scientists working for the U.S. government were roaming Manhattan with radiation detectors, supposedly in search of a nuclear bomb smuggled into the city by terrorists. Though no official statements were released at the time, it was subsequently disclosed that the CIA had received information from an informant that indicated Al-Qaeda had managed to insert a nuclear device into Manhattan, and planned to detonate it. The White House took the information seriously enough to send the Vice President to a secure, undisclosed location to ensure continuity of government. Though the CIA informant's report turned out to be a false alarm, the rumors and the fear they created, so soon after 9/11, suggested to Sheldon Filger that nuclear terrorism, a subject he had never before been concerned with, was a serious possibility. Could the unthinkable happen? Mr. Filger began devoting much of his time towards researching the prospect of nuclear terrorism occurring in America. He perused all the available open-source information on the threat posed by Al-Qaeda to use weapons of mass destruction. As a result of his research and self-education on the threat posed by nuclear terrorism, Mr. Filger became convinced that the danger was not only real, it may be imminent. The trauma of 9/11 and the risk of an infinitely more terrifying nightmare event inspired Mr. Filger to write his novel as a way of conveying through fiction the very real danger posed by an Al-Qaeda movement with access to nuclear weapons.

Mr. Filger at present resides in Winnipeg, Canada and is also a fine art photographer; his work can be viewed at femmenudes.

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